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Supertech has achieved this with Supernova - a new mixed-use development of unimaginable scale and splendor. Here people will live, work and play in a unique environment created by world renowned London based architect, Benoy. Supertech Supernova, an urban Oasis that redefines luxury and places modern convenience and green living at the nerve centre of NCR. India has never witnessed architecture like this before. This pioneering LEED.

This 7 million sq.ft super city redefines luxury. In Supernova you have found opulent living space that feels like a dream home, futuristic offices that make work a pleasure, your indispensable retail heaven and a recreation wonderland. It places modern convenience and green living at the nerve centre of NCR. Five breathtaking towers work in perfect harmony thanks to the flowing curves and shining facades of the design which also incorporates Vaastu principles. All five link to a spectacular podium level that features lush gardens and attractive event platforms.

Our innovative Supercity covers an incredible 7 million square feet. Within its boundaries you will find everything you ever wanted. Magnificent residences, serviced suites, futuristic work spaces, extraordinary shopping malls, luxury hotels and diverse recreational centers. All this just a few steps from your new home. Supernova provides a taste of the future with a fully connected environment and all the latest advances. Next generation technology is at your fingertips throughout this exhilarating development all crafted by master designers of international repute.


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